Kyuramen: Everything You Need to Know

Kyuramen is a gourmet ramen franchise that has been gaining popularity for their unique approach to this classic Japanese dish. In this article, you will learn about what Kyuramen is, their innovative menu offerings, and how they differ from traditional ramen restaurants.

Origins of Kyuramen

Kyuramen started as a culinary dream in the busy streets of Taiwan, blending traditional tastes with modern flair to create exceptional ramen bowls. Founded by a group of enthusiastic ramen lovers, the idea was simple: serve quick, delicious, steaming bowls of ramen tailored to tantalize the taste buds. They quickly earned a reputation for innovation, experimenting with unique toppings and flavors that drew long lines of eager foodies. The name ‘Kyuramen’ itself plays off the Japanese word for “to eat ramen,” giving a playful nod to their focus and passion. With the success in Taiwan, the founders ambitiously expanded, aiming to share their steamy, comforting bowls worldwide.

Signature Dishes

If you’re at Kyuramen, brace your tastebuds for a gastronomic adventure. Dabble into their array of broths, each pampered for hours to soak up every essence of flavor, ranging from the thrifty shoyu to the creamy prince of ramens, tonkotsu. Don’t skip the ultra-tender chashu that practically melts in your mouth, draping over noodles like a silk robe. For sides, the fiery karaage could possibly challenge your spice tolerance, and yet, you’ll be back for more before you know it. Oh, and let’s not forget the soft-boiled, soy-marinated eggs that ooze out yolky perfection. It’s the kind of place where you might need to unbutton your pants, but it’s all worth it!

Location & Hours

Seeking out Kyuramen? Plant your taste buds in Queens, New York, where this gem dishes out steamy bowls daily from 11 AM to midnight. Ideal for night owls or the lunch crowd craving ramen goodness around the clock. With doors open late, it’s the perfect spot for post-movie munchies or a late-night chat over noodles. Just remember, it’s closed on Mondays, so plan your cravings accordingly!