Michaels Hours: What Time Does the Store Open & Close?

Wondering when you can pop into Michaels for some crafty supplies? Here’s a quick guide to their store hours!

Overview of Michaels Store Hours

Michaels typically opens its doors at 9 AM and wraps up the crafts party by 9 PM on weekdays. However, everyone loves a good weekend craft session, so the hours shift a bit on Saturdays, opening at the same time but closing an hour early at 8 PM. Sundays are for leisurely browsing with reduced hours, usually from 10 AM to 7 PM. But remember, these times can vary slightly depending on which Michaels you’re planning to raid for glitter and glue sticks. Always a good idea to check before you trek, especially around holidays when Michaels might just surprise you with extended hours for extra crafting mischief!

How to Find Your Local Michaels Store Hours

Let’s dive right into getting the scoop on your nearest Michaels’ opening magic! Start with their official website—it’s your best bet. Pop in your zip code in the store locator, and voila, a list of nearby stores with their hours will graciously greet you.

But hey, we’re not stopping there. Google knows everything, right? Just type “Michaels store hours near me” into Google, and it will serve up what you need, often with the current status (open or closed) to save you a click.

And if you’re an app aficionado, the Michaels mobile app is ready to become your new best buddy. It not only gives you store hours but also sends coupons straight to your smartphone. Talk about shopping made easy! Remember, modern problems require modern solutions, and keeping these handy methods up your sleeve ensures you never miss a crafting opportunity.

Tips for Planning Your Visit Around Peak Times

Crafting enthusiasts, beware! Michaels stores can morph from a tranquil oasis of arts and crafts into bustling hubs of activity during certain times. To avoid getting squished between a painter and a party planner, consider these savvy tips:

  • Weekends might seem like the perfect time to replenish your craft stash, but everyone else has the same idea. If you can, swing by on a weekday morning when the store typically experiences lighter traffic.
  • Holidays are like the Super Bowl for craft stores. If possible, plan your holiday-themed shopping well in advance to dodge the last-minute crafters’ rush.
  • Check if your local Michaels store offers special shopping hours or quiet hours which are ideal for those who prefer a more laid-back shopping environment.
  • Finally, leverage the Michaels mobile app or website to check current store occupancy levels in real-time—an excellent way to plot a strategic, low-stress visit!

With a little planning, you might just have all the aisles to yourself, leaving you free to contemplate whether you truly need another glitter glue stick. Spoiler: you do.