Pastelitos Recipe: How to Make These Delicious Treats at Home

Get ready to master the art of crafting delicious pastelitos with this straightforward guide packed with tips and tricks.

What Are Pastelitos Guayaba (Guava Pastelitos)?

what are pastelitos guayaba guava pastelitos

These delightful little turnovers scream tropical bliss in every bite! Pastelitos guayaba, or guava pastries, are a Cuban favorite perfect for breakfast or as a sweet snack. They’re typically made from flaky puff pastry filled with a sweet and tart guava paste, often combined with cream cheese to create a truly heavenly duo. A sprinkle of sugar on top adds the perfect finishing touch, baking up to a golden, crispy treat with a gooey, flavorful center. Whether grabbed on the go from a bakery or homemade for a family gathering, they bring a taste of the Caribbean right to your palate.

How to Make Pastelitos Guayaba (Guava Pastelitos)

Whipping up a batch of pastelitos guayaba at home is like warming up for a dance-off: fun and easier than you might think. Grab a pack of puff pastry to save time and drama. Preheat your oven to a cozy 375°F — just perfect for pastry baking.

Start by gently unfolding your puff pastry onto a clean surface. No need for rolling pins; let the pastry’s natural thickness do the work. Slice it into even rectangles, imagining you’re crafting a patchwork quilt of deliciousness.

Now, the star of the show: guava paste. Slice it into thin strips and place them in the center of each pastry rectangle. You’re going for a treasure-in-the-middle look. For a creamy twist, add a strip of cream cheese alongside the guava.

Fold over the pastry to enclose the guava and cheese goodness, pressing the edges to seal the deal like you’re sealing a secret letter. Brush the tops with a bit of beaten egg for that golden glow celebrities wish they could bottle.

Poke a few small holes on top of each pastelito with a fork — think of it as helping them ‘breathe’ in the oven. Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden and puffy. Remember, watching your pastelitos puff up is like watching a slow-motion culinary ballet. Enjoy the show!

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Sure, diving into the wonderland of pastelitos requires some magical ingredients that you might already have! First off, let’s talk pastry dough. You can opt for the pre-made puff pastry found in your local grocery store—if you’re all about simplicity and convenience, this is your best buddy. Next up, the star of the show: guava paste. This delightful concoction can be found in the international or Hispanic food aisle, offering that sweet, tangy punch we’re after. Don’t forget a healthy sprinkle of cream cheese for that creamy texture, and a dash of sugar for a bit of sparkle on top. Lastly, an egg for the egg wash to get that golden, crispy finish. Simple yet spectacular! These ingredients unite to create a symphony of flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds!