Shane Gillis Tour: Dates, Locations, and Ticket Information

Discover details about Shane Gillis’s comedy tour, including locations, dates, and what to expect from his performances.

Tour Schedule and Dates

tour schedule and dates

Shane Gillis is hitting the road with his rib-tickling humor! His stand-up tour kicks off this spring and promises lots of laughs across the nation. Picture him making puns from coast to coast, starting in sunny California in March and wrapping up in New York by the brisk fall of November.

Want in? The must-catch spots include his stops at Chicago’s Chuckle Factory in April, Houston’s Giggle Grounds in May, and, of course, a hometown special in Philadelphia’s Laugh Lounge come October. Be sure to catch the updated details as he might just add a surprise visit to your city! Keep your calendar open and your giggle gear ready!

Locations: Key Cities and Venues

Shane Gillis is taking his comedy chops on a tour that zigzags across major cities like a drunk bee heading home. He’ll kick things off under the bright lights of New York City before bouncing over to the windy vibes of Chicago. Not missing out on some West Coast sunshine, Los Angeles is next up on his map. Each city is chosen for its unique comedy-loving crowd and iconic venues that range from cozy club corners to grand theaters where the echoes of laughter could probably be registered on the Richter scale. From the historic Laugh Factory in LA to the underground haunts of Manhattan, each spot promises a night where the only tears you’ll see are from laughing too hard. Don’t forget to keep an eye open for pop-up shows in unexpected nooks, adding a sprinkle of “Where will he be next?” to the mix.

Ticket Information

For those ready to laugh until their cheeks hurt, snagging a ticket to a Shane Gillis show is a must. Sales kick off online—mainly through his official website and popular ticket platforms, so keep those fingers nimble! Prices vary by city and venue, but they’re generally wallet-friendly, perfect for a night out without breaking the bank. Early birds might catch VIP options, which sometimes include meet-and-greets or prime seating to see Shane’s antics up close. As his shows tend to sell out faster than you can say “funny,” a swift click is advisable. Ready, set, giggle!