Sojo Spa: Your Essential Guide to Services and Amenities

Discover the relaxing and rejuvenating services offered by Sojo Spa, where wellness meets waterfront luxury.

Thermal Pools & Baths

Imagine plunging into blissfully warm waters that hug you like a cozy sweater on a chilly day. That’s the magic of the thermal pools at SoJo Spa. These aren’t just any pools; they come with views that could put postcards out of business! Each pool is uniquely designed to transport you straight to cloud nine, enhanced by the natural minerals which are known for their soothing properties.

As if that wasn’t enough, turn up the heat in the various traditional baths ranging from steamy to soothing. Whether you opt for a vigorous dip in the heated waters or a mellow soak in the tranquility pool, your muscles will thank you. Perfect after a long day of, well, doing absolutely nothing. Who knew being lazy could feel so good?

Treatments Menu

Feeling like a pretzel after that sidesplitting stand-up? Unravel your knots with a variety of spa offerings that’ll put you right on cloud nine. Opt for a soothing Swedish massage to knead away your giggles, or dive into deep tissue if you’re brave enough to tackle those tougher knots. Not just a feast for your body, try an organic facial to have your skin glowing brighter than a celebrity on a red carpet. And for those who really want to luxuriate in the lap of luxury, wrap yourself in a mud mask that’s more rejuvenating than a ten-hour sleep. Whether you’re looking to unwind or get energized, there’s a treatment ready to match your mood post-comedy show.

Stay The Night

After a day packed with pampering, there’s nothing like crashing into a fluffy, super comfy bed. The spa offers on-site accommodations ranging from cozy to downright palatial. It’s like having a sleepover at a cloud factory. Imagine waking up and stumbling straight from your pillow into a thermal pool. Talk about a splashy morning routine! Plus, staying on-site means you can robe-up, spa-style, all day long. Dreamy, right? So, if you’re planning a trip, book a room for the full “treat yo’self” experience. Trust me, your fluffy robe will thank you.