5 Unbloked Games: Top Picks to Play Now

If you’re itching to dodge productivity and dive headlong into some fun, here’s a list of unblocked game ideas that will keep you entertained and safely off the radar at school or work.

Space Salvager Sim: Manage a Crew As They Scavenge and Survive in the Vastness of Space

space salvager sim manage a crew as they scavenge and survive in the vastness of space

Handle a crew’s survival and scavenging in the vastness of space, facing challenges to keep them alive.

Mystic Garden: Grow and Nurture a Magical Garden With Fantastical Plants and Creatures

Engage in creating a mystical garden filled with enchanting plants and creatures.

Time Tinker: Solve Puzzles By Manipulating Time Periods to Change the Environment and Progress

In Time Tinker, players manipulate time to solve puzzles and advance through different eras.

Shadow Skate: Navigate Through a Shadowy, Obstacle-filled City Using Your Skills to Skateboard

In Shadow Skate, you will navigate through a shadowy city filled with obstacles using your skateboarding skills, offering a thrilling and challenging experience for players looking for an adrenaline rush.

Eco Colony: Build and Manage an Eco-friendly Colony On an Uninhabited Planet, Focusing On Sustainability and Resource Management

Manage resources and sustainability of a colony on a new planet, focusing on eco-friendly practices and efficient management techniques.